Website Design

ERS Web Solutions Ltd works with small businesses and organisations supporting and helping them create a place on the internet. Staff are very experienced working with customers who have limited computer skills or experience using the internet.

Advice is available right from selecting a good domain name to the website design and combining the website with social media.

Using a WordPress site makes it much easier to make edits to website content. Changes in WordPress 3.8 to the admin area made it easier than ever to use a smartphone to edit a WordPress website. There is also a WordPress app for Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phones. This means whether someone is sat at a desk, in the bath, on a train or on the beach pages, blog posts etc can be created and edited or comments approved and responded to.

Domain names and Hosting

ERS Web Solutions reccomend the first class service from, who provide the ERSWS Web Server[?]. Some customers using ERS Web Solutions for their website design may be able to have their site hosted on the ERSWS Web Servers. Hosting starts from £60 per year and includes CRON jobs[?], unlimited bandwidth (without speed reduction), unlimited e-mail addresses and 24/7 site monitoring.


Once upon a time the internet was simple text, links and just a few simple graphics per page. There are now a dazzling array of technologies available for websites, from custom fonts and animations to websites that adapt to suit whatever device is accessing a site (responsive design). Services like IFTTT (If This Then This) and technology like Open Graph Protocol or RSS Feeds let a website work with social media and information flows between various sites.

However not every technology is suited to every website though. Website designers at ERS Web Solutions can help customers choose which technology works best, and what will help a website achieve it’s aims and goals.


A website needs be kept updated, a website that is left to gather dust will be counter productive and it will impact on search engine positions. If out of date information is left on a site, especially contact details, it is very easy to lose customers.

Some content can be sourced from outside the website for example latest Twitter tweet, Facebook wall posting or RSS Feeds.

Online Shops

Online shops can bring in a significant amount of extra sales and allow customers to place orders at any time. ERS Web Solutions reccomends and uses the outstanding plugins from Tips and Tricks

Online shops can include protected digital sales, coupons and discounts, affiliate schemes, members only areas, gift vouchers, multiple currency options, PDF receipts, stock managment so on.

Excluded Sites

ERS Web Solutions services and products are not available for any sites promoting hacking, illegal downloads, hate related material or explicit adult material.

ERS Web Solutions does not take on any work relating to Halloween including creating Halloween graphics. Sites hosted on ERS Web Solutions servers are not permitted to make promotional offers relating to Halloween or sell any goods relating to Halloween.