Graphic Design

Custom shaped banner designWhether it’s custom artwork, logo design, Facebook timeline covers or handwriting turned into a font ERS Web Solutions Ltd offers a quality graphic design and artwork service.

Finished artwork can be supplied in various different formats including Photoshop and Print Ready PDFs. Fonts come in standard font formats including @font-face for use on websites.

ERS Web Solutions can use a wide variety of file formats as a source for graphic design projects (Graphics Design File Format List).

ERS Web Solutions does not take on any work relating to Halloween including creating Halloween graphics.

Case Study

Tony Moody, a contemporary artist needed business cards which were unique. Being an artist Tony needed his cards to look smart and professional.

ERS Web Solutions Ltd were able to create business cards which included one of his excellent paintings, branding that matched his website and a QR Code with his contact details. Tony could then supply these to VistaPrint taking advantage of special offers.

Custom Artwork

Lots of people have heard of VistaPrint, especially with all VistaPrints recent TV adverts. Not everyone however knows you don’t have to stick with the default designs and templates. VistaPrint allows you can use completely custom designs. Using custom dsesigns can include things like QR Codes, logos, handwriting, product photos, maps and more.

ERS Web Solutions can also create things like invites and leaflets for self printing at home or supplying to a local printer.

Logo Design

Logos need to be distinctive, recognisable and not have a second potentially embarrasing and unintentional ‘alternative’ meaning. A good logo should work in both it’s original colours and in black/white; one big reason is being able to easily print headed paper.

Logos can be designed from scratch or taken from existing paperwork and converted into an appropiate digital format and then output in a variety formats including as a web ready font.

Facebook Timeline Covers

Most businesses can benefit from engaging with their customers on Facebook. Having a well made timeline cover at the top of the page presents a professional image and encourages “likes”. A good timeline cover can be a talking point, many companies also add an element of fun to their timeline cover (at ERSWS we do).

Facebook has rules about timeline cover images, do like most rules change over time. It’s important to be aware of these rules as Facebook has banned pages for using timeline cover images which break the rules..

Twitter Headers

Twitter changed the dimensions of the profile header in April 2014, making profiles look a lot more like Facebook.

Twitter headers can be created to match existing branding, matching Facebook Timeline Covers. This gives a professional look to social media profiles.

Font Creation

Lots of things can be made into a font including handwriting or signatures, logos and symbols or QR Codes. Sources don’t have to be image files if it fits in the scanner it can probably be made into a font. Fonts are then supplied for use on various platforms including Windows PCs, Apple Macs and for use on websites using @font-face kits.

Having a company logo as a font allows the easy create professional business stationery on demand and all sorts of other products like leaflets.

E-mail Signatures and Templates

Every e-mail sent is an extra chance to promote your business or organisation. Have your customers seen links to your twitter feed, LinkedIn pages, Pinterest boards, Google+ page etc.

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