Blog Buddy

ERS Web Solutions Ltd provides service called Blog Buddy, starting from only £2 a week (Payable quarterly or annually). Blog Buddy gives you the reassurance of someone there to help if something goes wrong with your WordPress site.

Included with Blog Buddy are weekly backups, an option to have WordPress updates taken care of and free or Skype 24/7 telephone support. Should you need to use Blog Buddy to rescue your site you wont get charged for the first hour of work for quarterly plans or two hours for annual plans.

Case Study

Blog Buddy responded to a distressed blogger who’d managed to break her WordPress site the night before a vital presentation. All she had was an error message and a white page. Within ten minutes of the call out ERS Web Solutions Ltd had staff working to restore her site. Within another ten minutes her site was back to 100% operation.


Prices paying quarterly start at £26 a quarter and annual plans start at £75 a year. If you pay annually you get a free SWOT Analysis Report, 20% off your cover after the first year and 20% off the cost of any other work you ask ERS Web Solutions Ltd to do.

You insure your car in case of accidents or disasters, why not protect your website?