Report Phishing Emails (UK)

Action Fraud LogoPhishing emails and online fraud can be reported to Action Fraud, which is the national reporting point for these crimes and run by The City Of London Police. You can also follow them on Twitter – @actionfrauduk or like their Facebook page

A phishing e-mail is an e-mail which is deliberately created to look like a genuine e-mail from somewhere like a bank. A scammer sends out tens of thousands of emails in the hope that some of those getting the e-mails will be fooled.

Clicking on a link in a phishing email takes the victim to a fake website designed to trick them into providing login details, credit card information or similar. The victim then has money stolen or account misused. The faster phishing e-mails are reported the quicker they can be stopped. If they are stopped fast enough it limits victims and the profits for the scammer. Less profit makes it less worthwhile for the scammers.

Phishing for the scammers is all about numbers. If they send out a phishing email to 50,000 people, get £100 from each victim and 1 in a 1,000 people fall for the scam it will get them £5,000 Some scammers use lists with hundreds of thousands of addresses and send them out every day with a different scam.

When you report a phishing email if at all possible include full headers so that whoever sent the e-mail can be traced.

Guide on how to spot a phishing -mail.

Banking & Finance

Name & URL Report
Abbey National (Santander) u
Alliance & Leicester Phishing (Santander) u
Allied Irish Bank (AIB) Phishing u
American Express Phishing u
Nationwide u
Barclays Bank PLC u
Royal Bank of Scotland u
Bradford & Bingley PLC 5
Capital One Fraud Protection u
CitiBank u
Co-operative Bank PLC u
Egg Banking (Yorkshire Bank) u
Halifax (RBOS) u
Lloyds Bank Phishing u
NatWest (RBOS) u
PayPal u
Tesco Personal Finance u
Santander u
Yorkshire Bank u


Name & URL Report
HM Revenue & Customs u


Name & URL Report
o2 u
T-Mobile u
Vodafone u
Virgin Media 5
BT (British Telecom) u

Parcel Delivery

Name & URL Report
Fedex u
United Parcel Services (UPS) u

Social Media

Name & URL Report
Facebook u