Mariah Carey is NOT dead


Mariah Carey is the latest celebrity to be picked by scammers for a hoax death.

Links to these hoax sites announcing a celebrity death are posted around Facebook, Twitter as linkbait to websites used to trick people into installing malware, complete surveys and so on. Often with prompts like complete this survey to prove you are hunan, install this app to view content etc.

If you see a news announcement like this DON’T share it. Go to a reliable news source like Channel 4, Sky News, Huffington Post, Yahoo News etc. The death of a well known celebrity will be all over the news sites.

20,000 spam and counting!!

We use Akismet and recommend it to all our customers, since it’s crowd sourced it is one of the single best ways for preventing a WordPress site from being overwhelmed by comments from spammers. Today, we passed over 20,000 spam comments that Akismet has intercepted, without any need for a panic.

To date Akismet 29,704 spam comments from getting in the way! It was back on 9th Mar 2015 that we announced we’d passed the 10,000 spam mark, about fourteen months for 10,000 spam – kind of sad really.

Sadly there’s no way to permanently beat the spammers since a vast majority are using PHP cURL to automatically fill out comments. This does however play to Akismet’s strength in that the more times spammers post a comment, more Akismet becomes aware of it and it gets stopped.

Easter Hours

ERS Web Solutions will be closed for the Easter Weekend from 5pm 24th March and will reopen 9am Tuesday 29th March.

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter whatever you are doing.

WP Color Spy Translations

We’ve been busy adding more translations to the WP Color Spy plugin. that adds the colours used by the active WordPress theme in a neat table to make it easier to find the exact colour used in a WordPress theme stylesheet.

It now has a German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian translation.

wp color spy-en


We’d like to thank the following people for their help in building the translation files for WP Color Spy.

German – Sarah and Maik Barrett
Dutch – Inge Groenen
Spanish – Maria Guerrero
Italian – Susanna Gerbino

We will be adding other translations later this year.

Associated Media Ltd

ERS Web Solutions Ltd is no longer working in collaboration with Associated Media Ltd after a series of unprofessional actions by Associated Media Ltd staff.

No staff member from Associated Media Ltd is authorised to act or speak on behalf of ERS Web Solutions Ltd or post onto any social media site. They may not engage in any business whether online or offline on behalf of ERS Web Solutions Ltd.

This refers to Associated Media Ltd, company registration number 09560972 and no other similar sounding company.

WordPress Version 4.4.1

WordPress version 4.4.1 has been released onto WP Dashboards and automatic updates. As this update is a security and maintenance release it is essential that all WordPress users upgrade their sites from previous versions.

All ERS Web Solutions customers will have their sites updated and checked.

You can find more about this WordPress update at

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