Namesco Discount Codes September and October 2015

Here are the latest Namesco discount codes and links for

Offers only redeemable on new purchases, not renewals or upgrades. All codes are valid until 31st October 2015. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdrawn at any time. Standard terms and conditions of service apply. Prices are ex VAT.

ERSWS uses Namesco as a server supplier.

– Discount Code: ZYBRCSIP

Buy a 1 year domain name for just £1.99 – Discount Code: EQSIFMQZ

Buy a domain name, get the .uk domain name for free – Discount Code: UWSMIHAG

15% off orders over £25 at – Discount Code: WGTYJQPS

BONUS OFFER – Expires 30th September 2015

20% Off .com domain names for 1-10 years – Discount Code: TZSUDSKS


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